Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mommy 'Tude

I have days like yesterday and then I have days like today where I think nothing can prepare you for how awesome it is to be a parent. I was thinking just that today- I have always loved kids and babies growing up. I babysat throughout my 1L year for FUN. But nothing can prepare you for just how awesome it is to watch your own child grow, call you mama, give you kisses, and run into your arms with a big smile.

Today Jacob had his 18 month appointment. His head is still measuring 97th percentile, while his height and weight are still at 50 and 25-50 respectively. In our patient room Jacob watched a tractor outside the window doing some landscaping. He sat there for 15 minutes just watching that darn thing! We played with some trucks and he learned to rearend one with another and say "crash!" It broke my heart when he clung to me, pain in his eyes as he got his two shots. Then when the nurse went away, holding me was the only thing in the world that would make him feel better.

On the way to the car he pushed the elevator buttons and we threw pennies into the fountain. Then we stopped by my husband's office to say "hi" and husband blew up a balloon for Jacob. We watched Jacob try to pick up the balloon but each time he got near it, as he bent down, his foot would kick it either into his face making him giggle or straight out in front of him. Then he'd try again but accidentally kick the ball further. It was a riot!

He fell asleep before I got to do my grocery shopping so I carried all 25 pounds of that kid around the store while trying to pick out food and put it in the basket in my other hand. We were quite a sight and my arms were killing me by the time we went through checkout. Then we came home and did his animal puzzle (each animal puzzle piece makes a sound when you put it in the right spot) five times in a row before he was ready to move onto something new. We ended the day running around the park.

Today was clearly much better than yesterday. But I need to remind myself when things get tough that it really is all in my attitude. When I feel like Jacob is being especially difficult it is usually because I need to just let go and see things from a new perspective not because he is being "bad." I also need to relax and stop trying to keep us on a particular schedule. And I need to remember that it isn't vital to always have a perfectly clean house (although my husband would disagree with that one).

I guess they key to being a happy stay at home mom is maintaining a positive attitude. It's all about the outlook. The right attitude can turn a glass of spilled milk into a fun cleaning game. Attitude seems to set you up for success or failure and is truly half the battle.

Um, I'm still glad that I start work on Monday though.


Anonymous said...

Check out Gretchen Rubin's "The Happiness Project". She has a few chapters about what you've just written.

Anonymous said...

With all due respect, I could never understand why people have children and yet do not want to stay home with them.

Cee said...

I thought that way before I actually had a chid and before I started my legal education. Now I can't understand how people don't want to put their education to use especially after they invest 7 years and over $120 on that education. I get that some people are the kind that can be happy staying home, but it's not for everyone. It's darn hard work!

Work is something that I need to do. And I don't think I should have to justify that choice to anyone.

LEO said...

You're so right, it's 100% about having a positive attitude. And forcing yourself to go out and do stuff everyday. Keeping busy, filling your day with new activities and helping your kid have fun and explore ... that's how I stay sane.

Enjoy this last day off and weekend before you start working, you'll want good memories for the next weeks and months of being able to give Jacob your undivided attention.

Anonymous said...

I love the honesty of your posts Cee. As you know, I am not a parent, but I can see that it's damn hard work and not everyday is bliss (though how nice that this particular day was!) and good for you for putting it all out there like you do.

Having said that, I also love your pictures -- because that photo of Jacob in the dryer is HYSTERICAL!