Sunday, June 6, 2010

Celebrity Corner

Boyz II Men came to my town! They didn't go to Seattle. They didn't play at a fancy casino. They played at a historic venue practically in MY BACKYARD! It was the most amazing show I have ever seen.

We were three tables from the stage. That's three tables from their amazing, synchronized-pelvic-thrusting dance moves. Three tables from the source of their amazing sound. Three tables away from THEM! They sounded so amazing, they definitely did not dissapoint. The whole time I couldn't believe I was actually seeing them sing in person. I told my husband we have to name our next son Wanya....

I'm embarassed to say that when they sang their song, "mama" and dedicated it to all the moms in the audience, I was tearing up all over the place. I'm a little horrified. When did I become that person? That person who cries at everything? Can I just chalk it up to the power of their music? Let's just go with that.

But we're just getting to the good part. Thanks to my husband's connections, we finagled our way to a pair of VIP meet and greet back stage passes! As we wandered the backstage corridor, I got so nervous! OMG. What will I say to them? I didn't want to sound lame but I didn't want to sound like an obsessive groupie either. It turned out to be very laid back and casual and they were so generous. We shook their hands, posed for a quick photo and got their autographs. It went by so fast, I barely remember it.

But I do remember that they smelled really, really good. And I'll never wash my hand again.


Anonymous said...

So cool! When I started reading your post the first thing I wanted to ask was if they sang a song for mama. That's great ;)

Shantelle said...

Awww yay! That is awesome!

FSD said...

Cool! I LOVED Boys II Men back in the day. Are there only 3 of them now???