Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Hamburger Diet

After Jacob was born and I returned to school, I managed to get back to near my pre-baby weight. And I did this by eating hamburgers every day. Not special silly tofu burgers or sandwiches pretending to be burgers but nastily delicious fast food burgers! This just seems wrong doesn't it? Don't you all hate me right now?

If you love fast food burgers but are watching your weight (hopefully watching it decrease not increase), then let me introduce you to the HAMBURGER DIET! It goes something like this:

My favorite hamburger at Dairy Queen is the 1/4 pounder Classic with Cheese. Normally, this burger is packed with 560 calories. Let's not even go into grams of fat shall we? BUT, if you order this burger without cheese (90 calories) and then remove the bun (190 calories), then you can eat the patty with ketchup, tomatoes and pickles like a pizza slice or even fold the patty in half like a taco. A third option is to wrap the patty in lettuce leaves- which is my personal fav. This bunless, cheeseless "burger" is only 270 calories!

I ate this for dinner multiple times a week on my way home from class. It always hit the spot. I was still splurging on greasy fast food and I was still getting 18 grams of protein. I didn't feel like I was dieting at all. And a dinner that is under 300 calories is a great way to trim down. If you are lucky like me, you can order yoru husband a full burger meal and then steal a handful of fries to wash the burger down with...my only weakness in life = fries...yummmmmm.

DELICIOUS HAMBURGER DIET!! You will never hate dieting again! (unless maybe you are a vegetarian?)


J said...

That is insane... but AWESOME! I went on a KFC diet and it did not do me so well!

LL said...

I had a hamburger for lunch and dinner yesterday, but I included the bun and cheese and fries. I don't think I'm going to lose any weight... (not that I'm trying to now!)