Thursday, October 22, 2009

Husbands: Don't Argue With Your Lawyer Wives.

Today, my husband and I ACTUALLY had this discussion.

Me: "Can I have a pony."
Husband: "You can have an imaginary pony!"
Me: "That's stupid! I want a REAL pony."
Husband: "Yeah but can a REAL pony do backflips?"
Me "Uh...."
Husband: "I have an imaginary pony and HE can do backflips."
Me: "My real pony could do imaginary backflips."
Husband: "My imaginary pony can do REAL backfips!"
Me: "NO WAY. An imaginary pony can only do imaginary backflips. And ANY real pony could do an imaginary backflip."
Husband: "That's ridiculous. Imaginary ponies can do REAL backflips."
Me: "That's like saying an invisible man can do a visible cartwheel."
Husband: "Just because the pony is imaginary doesn't mean his backflips are imaginary. He can still do both imaginary and real backflips."
Me: "Ok, have your pony do a "real" backflip and I will tell you if it was real or not....Don't make me call an expert witness."

Thankfully our check came at this point in the conversation.


CM said...

Sorry to break it to you, Cee, but your husband is right. If the imaginary pony imagines himself doing a backflip, then that's an imaginary backflip. But if YOU imagine the imaginary pony doing a backflip, then that's a real backflip for the imaginary pony because, since the pony exists only in your imagination, if your imagination makes him do a backflip then he actually did a backflip. So both a real or imaginary pony can do a real or imaginary backflip. But they shouldn't, because they would hurt themselves.

Cee said...

I have to disagree, if my imagination imagines a pony, it is an imaginary pony. So if my imagination imagines the pony doing a backflip, it is STILL an imaginary backflip!!!

Anonymous said...

this is awesome.
i said "hearsay" no less than 10 times in my husband and i's last argument. it comes in handy.

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