Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Jerry Springer: Baby Einstein Has Met Its Match

I walked past a TV today featuring the Jerry Springer show. This show always reminds me of my son. Not because he is the product of some crazy love triangle or the subject of a paternity test. The real reason may be quite worse than that.

The real reason that Jerry Springer reminds me of my son is the lovely fact that my son WATCHES the Springer show. At least twice a week. My mother in law usually lets her TV play in the background while she is watching my son. Apparently, she allows my son to watch the show because he gets really excited when the audience chants "Jerry, Jerry!" He and his cousin even clap along and do a special little Jerry Springer dance.

So, as I passed by and glanced at the domestic strife playing out on the screen today (theme of the day: "I had a threesome with your sister!"), I wondered to myself, "Is Jacob out there somewhere watching this very same show?" It made me miss him a little bit more but it was oddly comforting to think we had this little connection through Jerry Springer to bring us together, if even for a moment.

I have to admit that the Springer show has encouraged a lot more reaction and interaction from Jacob than any Baby Einstein video we've watched. When Jacob starts to chant "Jerry, Jerry" in public, however, we might have a problem.

Ahhhh, educational TV programming....

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Vincent said...

welcome to 2009... its sad...