Saturday, May 22, 2010

Boy Meets Wagon: Love At First Sight

On a whim today when Jacob and I were both at Walmart in our jammies getting breakfast ingredients (my goal in life is to be on, I bought a Radio Flyer Deluxe Family Wagon. It is like the MOTHER of all wagons. This thing is intense, it even has seatbelts (wagons shouldn't have seatbelts!)! It has a detachable canopy, two raised seats, cup holders, storage space and one of the seats converts into a table.

So this morning when we woke up, Jacob had no idea what a wagon was. Now wagons are the center of his world. The entire car ride home, Jacob kept chanting the word "wagon!" in five second intervals. And, just to be clear here, that's "wagon!" with an exclamation mark because if a kid spotted Santa Clause being pulled by a pack of flying raindeer over WalMart with a full bodied snow man seated beside him in the middle of July, that kid could not possibly sound as excited as Jacob did this morning.

I can't tell you how afraid I was to return home from my "egg buying" errand this morning with a $100 super deluxe wagon. I was sure my husband would freak. But, to my pleasant surprise he got it out of the car right away and had it put together before my eggs for my pancake roll up were even scrambled! Jacob went nutz-o!

He spent three consecutive hours just climing in and out of the wagon and alternating between it's two seats. It didn't get old ONCE, when each time Jacob stumbled or tripped out of the wagon, my husband and I exchanged giggles and said, "he fell off the wagon again!"

Jacob still has to learn the concept of "pulling." He likes to "push" the wagon like a shopping cart and this doesn't always turn out well. He likes to tell us whenever he wants to "push the wagon." The problem, however, is that his pronunciation is a little less than stellar and I SWEAR it sounds (clear as day!) like he is saying "pussy wagon." My husband wants to inscribe those words across the back of Jacob's wagon- but, well, I'll let you guess how well my super conservative Catholic mom would love to take Jacob for wagon rides around the parish parking lot if that were the case....

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Michael said...

Wow... that sounds like one hell of a wagon! :p

BTW, some UK supermarkets have imposed dress codes after complaints from certain customers that fellow customers were turning up in their jammies and 'lowering the tone'! ;-)


Ridiculous IMO! :D