Monday, May 3, 2010

Welcome! Now Pay Up Suckers.

Congratulations on passing the bar! To be admitted, please complete the new admittee licensing form along with your payment in full of the following:

Licensing Fee
Lawyer's Fund For Client Protection
Local Bar Membership Fee
Supreme Court Wall Certificate Fee

Wow. Seriously? Why didn't someone warn me that the legal profession was a really bad night club with strict entry requirements and a hefty cover charge? I've already shelled out over $600 to take the bar exam and another $115 to register my computer for use during the exam. Not to mention the $3,000 I paid for Barbri and my $120,000 legal education.

People in my profession sure are good at squeezing money out of other people.

No wonder there is such an income disparity in our country. It really is true that you have to have money to make money. Good thing I didn't buy my truck because it is seriously going to take my downpayment to just be admitted into the practice of law.


Proto Attorney said...

Won't your firm pay all of your bar fees? That's the good thing about having a job when you're admitted, someone else pays it!

Anonymous said...

Smaller firms might not be able to cover everything, but I've got my fingers crossed that your firm will pay a little something for you.

Congrats again!!!!

Anonymous said...

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