Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Killing Me Softly

I know, I know. He's my kid so of course I think he's cute. I couldn't be objective no matter how hard I tried. But still... this little boy completely rocks my world. Everyday he totally ambushes me with more unexpected cuteness.

Like last night when he pretended his books were "nacks" (snacks) and kept pretending to gobble them up. Then he proceeded to give our cats, the couch, the TV and me all a "bite." When it came to feeding the inanimate objects, he even made the gobble noises for them.

Or when he sings the Happy Birthday song for no reason other than it's one of two songs he actually knows. But when he sings it, he belts out on repeat, "Happy, To YOU!" because he can't say "birthday" yet. (the other song he knows is the theme song for the show Two and a Half Men- he sings, "manly man man, oooooohh").

Or when for the first time last night, he grabbed his cheek and said, "piiiiiinch" after I've done the exact same thing to him a million times. That same night he also, completely out of the blue, said "knock, knock" while "knocking" on my head.

And when we saw tractors on the side of the road and I said, "Look Jacob. Tractor!" And he corrected me, "No mama. Two tractor." OR when he correctly identifies and names the following: articulated truck, dump truck, garbage truck, excavator, grader, planer, skid steer, double drum compacter bulldozer, tractor, van, and jeep. I mean, the kid's only 20 months for heavens sake! That just goes to show the power of a little boy's obsession I guess.


Shantelle said...

Awww so cute. Mine just started figuring out pretend. She has started picking up fake crumbs and "sharing" them with me. I have to pretend they are delicious.

EH said...

I seriously can't believe how grown up he looks in these pictures! So handsome!

I love the pretending to feed me thing. When P does it cracks me up - usually it's an ice cream cone (NOT a regular occurrence around here!) and she always has to go to the kitchen to get one for me.

Tree Hugging 2L said...

The theme song from Two and a Half Men is now stuck in my head. I blame your son. ;)