Sunday, September 27, 2009

Famous Last Words

"Just one more cookie..." (there goes the whole box).

"I think I can make it one more hour without changing Jacob's diaper." (major wipeout ensues).

"I'm not going to brief for this class, the Prof never calls on us anyway" (you can guess this one).

"The recipe says this dish only takes 30 minutes to make." (dinner is 1.5 hours later).

"Oops, forgot deoderant. It will be ok, I'll just try not to sweat." (P.U.)

"This stairmaster is so easy! I'll increase intensity" (Why don't they make underwear with ice pack pockets?)

Oh and tonight my husband turned down a session of lovemaking. Yes, that's right, he turned down my seductive advances (i.e. "wanna do me?!") so that he could do something else. But I think we will take a poll and I'll let YOU guess what that something else might be.

My husband turned out an evening of awesome love making with me to:
(a) finish a manly action film co-starring a half naked chick
(b) take a dump (when you gotta go, you gotta go!)
(c) eat a box of pepperoni pizza and guzzle a keg of beer with his guy friends
(d) iron clothes.

If you guess a, b, or c, you assumed my husband was a normal human male. If you guessed d, then you know that is just simply NOT the case.

It went a little like this:
My husband walks into our bedroom where I am reading in bed. I look at him seductively and ask, "Want to join me in bed? Wink, wink."My husband rolls his eyes, gives an exasperated sigh and stated, "I JUST turned on the iron!" He then grabs a stack of clothes and marches out of the room. Like seriously, WHAT WAS I THINKING? He needs a freshly pressed wardrobe for the week and I'm over here being a sabateur by trying to force bodily pleasure onto him! Come ON!

Please tell me, the romance gets hotter with each year of marriage, right?


Izzie said...

Aww, well maybe next time you can incorporate the iron!

J said... husband would NEVER EVER do that. He's only turned me down once and that was because we were in public AND his family was around.

Cee said...

J, getting the moves on in public? you are soo my hero!