Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lost My Will

I can't for the life of me get motivated to study. Mostly because I can't figure out WHY I should.

I'm a 3L. I have a job waiting for me when this hateful semester is over. My grades are too crappy to worry about "keeping them up." I have an awesome toddler who is way more fun than a stack of putrid casebooks. I'm no longer afraid of the Socratic method or my professors. Who gives a d**n if my professor thinks I'm a dim-witted slacker- it's probably closer to the truth!

I'm in serious need of a kick in the lawschool pants.

Oh and when did lawschool become a beauty contest? I swear the girls in my classes are on constant display in the offshot chance that we will be asked to come up on a Miss America stage and take a spin about the room. At least I can be content to come to school in my non-designer jeans and sweatshirt and not worry about someone wearing the same outfit!


paragon2pieces said...

It's official, you have 3Litis!

Proto Attorney said...

There's no point in studying. I should have drank more during my last semester. At least then I would have deserved the crappy grades I got. Just try to enjoy yourself the best you can, it's almost over!

J said...

Same thing happened to me 3L year. I somehow managed to get the best GPA of my law school career that semester but my will was definitely gone.