Monday, November 23, 2009

Blame It On The Rain

I'm off to Superior Court today to argue a fake motion for a pretend case for my Pre-Trial Advocacy class. The scary part is the judge, the court room and the grades are real.

Why can't we wear jeans to court? It would make my life so much easier and HELLO why isn't the entire justice system focused on making my life easier.

I have a feeling going to court in Seattle is a little trickier than going to court in other hoods, ahem, I mean geographical locations. I generally love Seattle. And I generally love rain. BUT going to court in Seattle is just no fun. Even if the prediction is clear skies, you STILL have to prepare for the likely probability that it will rain. Because, get real. It's Seattle. Rainy season is September to July.

Why is rain so horrible? Rain = messed up hair, drenched suit, soaking wet breif case and motion papers.

So, not only do I have to lug around a huge umbrella. I have to bring a raincoat. Extra shoes- suited for walking in the rain. Money for the bus so I DON'T have to walk in the rain. And my hair straightener to remedy the fuzz of a humid-infested environment. Do you even know how un-hot your hair is when it is half dry and half wet?

Oh yeah, I have to prepare the SUBSTANCE of my argument as well. Almost forgot about that.

P.S.- If I have to dress up to go to court, why can't I at least wear a fun accessory like a tie? It's not fair- why don't girls get to wear ties? I'd wear one with flames.

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Anonymous said...

My hair *loves* to absorb moisture also. Within a minute I am getting strange waves and frizzies. One tip: I have found that if I put a hat on and pull my hair back in a ponytail before going out into the wet/damp/humidity, upon removing said hat and ponytail elastic, I will generally avoid the waves and the frizz.

It's worth a shot!

Check me out sometime when you have a chance. I am a relatively new attorney, and an even newer blogger:

Good luck at court!