Thursday, November 5, 2009

What's The Text Equivalent Of A Bitch Slap?

I guess I should go easy on my friends without husbands or children. Maybe they just don't understand the demands of raising a family. Or maybe my so called "friends" are just complete bitches.

Friend and I made plans earlier in the week to go out to dinner. Since then my son has come down with the mini-swine flu. Fever, cough runny nose. When my baby is sick, the world may as well be falling apart because 1) he won't eat ANYTHING, 2) naps? fahgetaboutit, and 3) he has to be in his mommy's arms unless you consider glass-breaking baby wails to be among your most pleasant experiences. When baby is sick, Mommy is frustrated and helpless. Don't mess with the beasts!

So my friend texts me, "Are we still on for dinner?"
Me: "Jacob is sick has fever have to reschedule." (punctuation optional)
Friend: "Your husband can watch him. I'm really looking forward to dinner!"
Me [PISSED!!!]: "He is really fussy- he only wants me."
Friend: "He would not be at the restaurant so who cares if he cries."
Me [OMG- what's the equivalent of a text bitch slap?]: "Sorry, Jacob comes first."
Friend: "Fine. I guess you gotta do what you gotta do."

OMG. I'm befuddled. That's my final answer.


Shelley said...

I guess the generous reaction is to assume she didn't mean it that way, but OMG, I would completely have reacted the same way you did. If my kid had a fever and was screaming for mommy, I know exactly where I'd be.

Seriously, karma is going to get her.

Mrs. said...

Wow!! When stuff like this happens to me, I just think about what a selfish brat I used to be before my husband and son came around and it helps put things into perspective. People who aren't there yet just don't get it (unfortunately)!

Laurie said...

It is hard, only one of my friends has kids and while I think they would not say exactly what your friend said, I think they might think it. It's hard to understand til you've been there. Although, fwiw, having two kids down with the flu myself, I'd kind of want to go to dinner to escape the cling-wrap feeling I'm suffering! (Not saying I'd go, just that I'd want to!)

Soleil said...

Okay, I don't have kids but I can tell you YES that is a genuinely BITCHY response!

I hope Jacob gets better soon!!

Proto Attorney said...

Maybe her rudeness was from thinking you were just using it as an excuse to bail on her and Jacob wasn't really sick, or at least not really *that* sick. I have parent friends that will always say they're coming to the party, or they'll be there for dinner, but then without a doubt will absolutely always cancel every time because the kid's got a runny nose, or the kid's fussy and they just can't leave him with the sitter, or the kid hasn't pooped yet today and they're concerned (seriously). Doesn't excuse her being all rude about it if that's what she thought, but it might explain it.

Hope Jacob's feeling better. Poor little guy. :(

FSD said...

I hope Jacob is feeling better.

Your friend is clueless. To borrow from one of my mom's lines: charge it to her head and not her heart. Sometimes it takes having kids of your own to *really* understand.