Saturday, November 21, 2009

Professor [Sexual Fantasy] Evaluations

Please evaluate your sexual fanatsies about this instructor by answering "Excellent", "Good," "Satisfactory," "Fair," or "Poor" to the following questions:

In your fantasies:
1. Does the instructor speak clearly and understandably [in bed]?
Excellent. [His point ALWAYS comes across...if you know what I mean.]
2. Is the professor well prepared and organized [in bed]?
Excellent. [Always has a game plan and always scores the winning point.]
3. Does the instructor incorporate new and current material to the subject?
Satisfactory. [Good use of "material," especially the vibrating variety.]
4. Does the instructor appear to have an adequate grasp of the subject?
Excellent. [No further comment necessary.]
5. Does the instructor cover course material [your body] in adequate depth?
Excellent. [Where no man has gone before!]
6. Does he stimulate thought [you]?
Excellent. [I'm stimulated speechless!]
7. Does the instructor make the subject [it] interesting?
Excellent. [If your definition of interesting involves office hours, strategic placement of casebooks, and spectacles.]
8. Does he make good use of examples and hypotheticals?
Excellent. [You know what they say, "Don't fight the hypo desire."]

What suggestions would you make to this instructor?