Friday, November 27, 2009

You Will NOT Find Me At The Mall Today

Maybe I'm just disgusted by my law school debt but this year I am SO anti-commercial. Black friday totally disgusts me. Just thinking of the selfish shoppers, the long-ass lines, and the rush to "buy, buy buy." Yuk. Really? This is what our society looks forward to and celebrates on the holdiays? GROSS!

Is there really anything I need so much that I am going to get up at 3am and wait in lines outside the shopping centers? Seriously, what can you want THAT badly. I'll admit. I like getting new things. Wearing new clothes for the first time, opening a package of something I ordered in the mail- no bigger thrill. But I guess I've just been spending too much on me this year and I'm now experiencing an internal backlash from all the boots I bought (yes, I DID need three pairs, thankyouverymuch!).

I'm not against the concept of shopping. Actually, I used to have a lot of fun shopping with my family in preparation for Christmas. But it's the fact that shopping has become the FOCUS of our holidays, that disgusts me. Sure, there's the turkey, but oh THE SHOPPING! THE DEALS! Really, why do we even do gifts? YOu don't have to give gifts to be generous or to show someone how you feel about them. Nowadays, it seems like time is a more valuable commodity than money. We never have enough time. Wouldn't it be better to spend TIME with the people we care about rather than MONEY? To actually go visit and have a chat with Aunt Marmalade rather than send her some dish towels in the mail?

I'm not against spending money, or shopping or presents-I actually love all three. I like capitalism. But I just feel so disgusted by the excess. The commercialism. The general focus on shopping. The need to buy another, better bigger screen TV because, for heaven's sake, living with JUST a 36 incher is akin to living in poverty! I don't mean to be a bah-humbug. It's just lately I've been wanting to get back to the basics of enjoying the holidays. Wanting more than what I can just buy at the mall. Looking for a little something more.


Juliet said...

What I wonder is why is it that wearing new clothes the *second* time isn't nearly as thrilling as the first? Wearing #2 is hardly any fun at all. :(

gudnuff said...

A friend of mine did the 3am shopping thing. She said she was surprised by how many elderly people she saw in line. She saw a guy with a walker, in fact. And she saw him leaving without a bag. She wondered if maybe he was there to get something he couldn't otherwise afford, but was outmaneuvered by the younger, scrappier shoppers. I think that's the saddest Black Friday story I've ever heard.