Saturday, April 10, 2010

Office Pranks

On April fools day one of my coworkers got me pretty good. He stayed late one day after work printing out photos of himself from back in the day when he was sporting a 70s porn mustache. He snuck into my office and taped his face over all seven of the framed photos of my son's face that I keep on my bookshelf and window sill. Photoshop could not have done a better job.

When I walked into my office on April 1st, I almost died from shock to find his mustached face plastered all over my photos. Then I almost died from laughter. Word quickly spread and all day long my coworkers were popping into my office to see the prank for themselves.

I have to admit, it was pretty good.

From that day on, I began to plot my revenge.

Then one day he didn't come into work. Turns out he was working from home. I enlisted the help of a legal secretary and we drafted a fake Complaint: Jesus H. Christ v. Coworker. Jesus was suing Coworker for violating each one of the Ten Commandments. I drafted this Complaint with great care. Alleging that Coworker took the Lord's name in vain 216 times a day, that he Facebooked on the Sabbath, that he didn't call his parents often enough, that he stole candy from babies, that he never came to church, that he coveted his neighbor's donkey and that he was customer of the month at the local strip club. I even got the legal secretary to make up a fake process server slip and then we hand delivered it to his apartment manager who later called him down to retrieve his "package."

It was really brilliant if I do say so myself. Jesus was even claiming damages such as "death on the cross for Defendant's sins" and "mental and spiritual anguish." Coworker received this Complaint and though he wasn't fooled even for a second, he admitted my payback was pretty good.

A copy of this complaint has been circulating around the office and I won many praises for my handiwork. I may not be known yet for stellar legal skills but I am now known for my crafty pranks. That's something right?


LEO said...

Sounds like you should make up a number to bill "office pranking" to!

Michael said...

LOL - sounds great.... our office was a touch under-imaginative re. April Fools this year, sadly.