Monday, April 12, 2010

Please, Step Into My Home Office

This weekend was full of fun and work. On Sunday, I convinced my husband that we should take Jacob into Seattle for the day so that I could pop into the office to pick up some deposition transcripts I was supposed to summarize (and then lost under a stack of obscure case law, discovery requests and old status reports).

Mark this day on your calendar peeps. This is the day Cee came into the office on a weekend! Because of my love-hate relationship with the ferry, I try really hard never to come in on the weekend. Instead, I bring my work home. Unless, of course, it has been eaten by the monstrous stacks of tree guts (paper- duh) on my desk.

I was also supposed to draft a reply to plaintiff's opposition to the motion to dismiss we filed in one of our cases. Except, I couldn't find Plaintiff's opposition. Problem? Yes. I checked my inbox, I checked the other associate's inbox (but his office looked like a file cabinet exploded in there so no luck). I checked the partner's inbox for the opposition as well. Then I scammed another associate into teaching me how to look at the court's docket online. Still no luck. I emailed the partner on the case. He informed me that to his knowledge, plaintiff did not file an opposition.

Seriously? That's like saying to the court "please dismiss my case, oh yeah, and sanction me while you're at it!" This hearing is without oral argument so their opposition was their only opportunity to respond. Well, at least if they didn't oppose, I didn't have to draft a reply right?


Partner: "We'll want to draft a reply anyway. Please have a draft to me by 10am tomorrow since it must be filed by noon."

Great. Lovely. Perfect. Happy weekend to me.

But at least we had a little fun at Pike Place Market on the way home.

Until "we" passed out.


Tree Hugging 2L said...

I would like to trade eyelashes with your son.
Please let me know when this can be arranged.
Thanks. :)

Me said...

Seriously, his lashes are amazing. Also, the pic of the two of you made me sort of weepy! SO CUTE.