Monday, May 18, 2009

Another Day At The Office

I am now officially a working mom. I started my first day of work for the summer. It was nice but it could have been better. The hardest part was leaving my husband with the baby in the morning. I know he is more than capable, but I always get the baby ready in the morning and drop him off at grandmas. I guess I have to get used to him being Mister Mom.

Some things I did today:

(-): got my heel stuck in a sidewalk crack (on a busy sidewalk), had to backtrack with one bare foot to slip it back on...almost ran over three people in the process.

(+): got promoted to a bigger office with a bigger desk!

(+): found two blue raspberry jolly ranchers in the desk- they still tasted awesome.

(-): learned that my first assignment is to revise and add case citations to a powerpoint (lame).

(-): miss Jacob.

(+): started reading a book for fun- To Kill A Mockingbird (best book ever!)

(-): wish I could install a webcam at my in-law's so I could watch Jacob play.

(+): did not give in to my desire to shop at the Nordstrom across the street on my lunchbreak.


FSD said...

Enjoy your summer clerkship! Can't wait to read all your funny tales...I'm sure you'll have plenty. :- )

LEO said...

Dude, Nordstrom is going to happen sooner or later. You might as well go when they're having a sale... (tomorrow right?)

I hope the job gets better and better each day!