Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sucking Face

Since finals are pretty much a tsunami of awfulness, I'll focus on my baby instead. (Holy hell, why didn't anyone warn me how hard it would be to study with an infant- it's like he knows I'm writing a paper and will decide to be crabby ALL DAY).

Anyway....Jacob can pretty much crawl now. That means he tries to get into everything he is not supposed to. I can't blame him. Who wants to play with stacking cups and plastic key rings when there are daddy's CDs to pull off the shelf or the houseplant to rip apart?

The trouble is Jacob likes to put smaller things in his mouth. The bigger things? He puts his mouth ON THEM. Too frequently I will leave the room for a second and return to find Jacob face down on the floor, with his mouth firmly suctioned to the floor heating vent. Um, gross? But you should hear his squeal of excitement when the heat comes up. I guess now I have an incentive to start dusting that thing.

He also likes to suck face with: the speakers in our living room, any and ALL power cords, daddy's belts, and the CAT FOOD!

Handsome Big Boy.

The air feels funny on my face!

Reaching for mommy.

So much fun.

I guess I like this swing thing.


Googie Baba said...

Adorable pictures. I am less than happy with finals, as you can probably tell from blog.

Do you twitter Cee? If you do, I will follow you. And I don't mean that in a stalker kind of a way, just a normal kind of a way.

FSD said...

I can only imagine how difficult it must be to balance studying with keeping an eye on a curious infant. Good luck, girl!

Jacob is usual!

Trannyhead said...

Time for the babyproofing ... all of a sudden they can move FAST. I remember leaving the room for a second and returning to see my baby climbing into the dishwasher.

LEO said...

I am dreading baby proofing, mostly because of stuff related to the cats... it's gross enough finding cat hair in Timmy's folds while he's immobile!

Jacob is getting so big and looking so different these days... is it possible he got even cuter?