Tuesday, May 19, 2009

So Much For Being Cool

As I was getting off the ferry on the way to work, I ran into someone I went to highschool with. This happens occassionally. And usually, when I see an old highschool classmate, I stop dead in my tracks, then quickly bolt in the opposite direction because, yes, I was THAT much of a nerd and I would rather people not remember me, it's just too embarrassing. [Flashback #1: me running around the halls after math class pretending to be Indiana Jones. Flashback #2: me staying up until midnight each night to watch reruns of Star Trek Deep Space 9].

Well, I didn't bolt away fast enough this time. This guy caught my eye and said hi. We chatted for a couple minutes. I told him I was in law school and heading to my legal summer internship. I think he was impressed, considering he probably only remembered me as that weird kid who went to space camp.

Before we parted ways he made a remark about how it was nice to know people who were lawyers so they could get him out of trouble. I laughed and promised that if I couldn't get him off, I would at least sneak him some beer in prison. I thought this was pretty clever but he just gave me a weird look and left without saying anything else.

What did I do? I thought about it all morning. I guess his reaction might have had something to do with my promise that I would "get him off?"


CM said...

He was probably worried that you knew about that unfortunate incident with the monkey that landed him in prison last time...

Googie Baba said...

Well, I laughed (if that is any consolation).

Eliza said...

I love that kind of nerd! I suppressed a lot of my nerdiness in high school, making myself miserable. Now, hahahahahaha, I totally make up for it. I geek my way through the law school halls with abandon, talk about Star Trek and Comicons, etc. Love it.

Thanks for the post, very funny.