Monday, May 11, 2009

More Hate And Bow Ties

Have you ever thought you did SO POORLY on an exam that you felt compelled to email your professor and explain yourself? I just took my payment law exam which covers Article 3 and 4 of the UCC. I studied for 4.5 days straight. I re-did every problem in our coursebook. I studied my notes over and over. I took multiple practice exams. I sacrificed my MOTHER'S DAY for this test. I felt so prepared going in. I thought I would dominate the sh*t out of that test.

Except. I failed. Yes. I'm pretty sure I failed. What happened?

The wrath of my professor. That's what happened.

Towards the end of the semester SOME students (*cough* me *cough*) were getting a little lazy. We let a problem or two slide away from us. We started skimming UCC provisions. We stopped coming to class prepared. The professor did not like this one bit. In fact, he lectured the class, shamed a select few (thankfully not me otherwise I would have erupted in tears), then sent us all nasty emails about the proper expected behavior outlined in our class syllabus. I guess he decided to take this out on us all through the exam.

This test for my measley 2 credit payment law course was the hardest law school exam I have taken yet. It was exponentially harder than my 4 credit Sales/Secured Transactions exam. I am so dissapointed because I thought I knew all the material. I was as prepared as I could ever have been- no amount of extra study time would have helped. The exam was just THAT hard.

So why do I feel like I need to explain myself? Because this is the bow-tie professor. He wears a BOW TIE. And... I have a thing for bow ties. So as arrogant and mean as this guy can be, he meets the one necessary element to qualify as my crush: BOW TIE. Seriously, he is also super smart (another important factor) but the bow tie gets me every time. Dreamy. Sigh.


Lawful Lady said...

i also enjoy a nice bow tie. damn them.

Erica said...

Maybe you did better than you think! I had the same experience with my contracts final. There were questions about minutiae from last semester, and things we didn't even cover! I had to look things up in the index (open book) and try to figure it out. And it was really surprising, because last semester's final was a breeze, and he was really the friendlist, funniest little bald man in the world. And then...wrath. I cried.

Anonymous said...

:( I'm sorry! That's a crappy feeling, especially after giving up your mother's day for it.

I'm with you...cute little old men in bow ties are my kryptonite. Well, that's probably a gross overexaggeration...but they're so cute!

FSD said... like bow ties?! lol. i always tease my husband about his affinity for bow ties.

anyway, i digress....don't sweat the exam. (i know, easier said than done...) you probably did much better than you think. i once felt the need to explain myself to a professor after feeling like i bombed a 1st year property mid-term. so i went to the professor's office, bowed my head in shame and confessed to him how stupid i am. i told him i KNEW i bombed the exam. we had anonymous grading, so i couldn't get too specific with him, but he asked me to tell him why i was so concerned. i told him i missed a couple of big issues. he asked me what issues i missed; i explained that i missed a trespass issue and another that escapes me right now....his response...."what trespass issue? what ??? issue?" neither of them were even on the exam! whew! i didn't ace the mid-term, but i made a b+ or something like that.

i also thought i bombed a crim law exam once. i got the highest grade.

moral of the story: don't sweat it until there's something to sweat. you probably did MUCH BETTER than you think you did!

Anonymous said...

Are you crazy?? Explaining yourself to the professor BEFORE you even get your grade back? You are THIRD YEAR...have you never heard of a curve? As you yourself said, other students in the class were also "slacking off" so clearly there were others who felt the same as you did...the curve will make it better in the end.