Sunday, May 24, 2009

I LOVE The Zoo!

And so does Jacob! I've been begging my husband for a family outing to the zoo since this kid was one month old. My monthly grovelling was always met with my husband's "are you kidding face" and a sturn "No." But THIS month, Husband finally gave in and agreed that Jacob was old enough to actually enjoy it.

And he did enjoy it! He loved looking at all the animals. This was evidenced by his wide eyes, intense stares and the fact that he pointed at everything we saw.

He pointed at the elephant and said, "dah!"

He pointed at the birdies and said, "ah, dah!"

Jacob pointed at the beluga whale and said, "digga digga dah!"

He pointed at the monkeys and snakes and said, "Eeeh!"

But he wasn't just amused by the animals, Jacob pointed at trees, garbage cans, the sky, flowers, and other people. What can I say? My baby is just like me, easily amused.

Here is Jacob doing his body builder pose... Or is he raising the roof?

"Look at those big blue eyes!" That was the sentence that we heard over and over all day long. As nice as my blue eyes are, I think they were talking about Jacob.

Now I'm begging my husband every month to take Jacob to the petting zoo. It's totally worth the wait, especially when I can sneak embarassing photos like this:


suzy said...

Great pictures! Clearly, you'll have to go back often :-)

LEO said...

what a super fun family outing! Jacob AND your husband look like they really enjoyed it!

PT-LawMom said...

He is getting so big!! What an adorable little guy. :)

FSD said...

Looks like fun! Jacob is such a cutie!