Thursday, July 23, 2009

Briefing. Send Help.

Despite the state of the economy, the law firm I work for is pretty busy. Or wait, is it pretty busy BECAUSE of the state of the economy? I can't tell. But I do think people's law suit "trigger finger" gets pretty sensitive when budgets are tight.

The busy-ness is a good thing, I think. It means that instead of getting stuck under a pile of dull legal research projects, I get stuck under a pile of High Priority Really Important Assignments Due Yesterday. Hang on, I can't breath, let me move this Motion for Summary Judgment away from my left nostril. Ok, much better.

So, Big Boss Man is going on vacation. He pulls me into his office and after a pretty humorous discussion about fanny packs (apparently one of the partners wears one when he comes in every morning and when he leaves at the end of the day- but no one knows what is inside it or where it disappears to when he is in his office) we get down to business, or ahem, busy-ness.

"We have a mediation for this case coming up at the end of next month." This Case just happens to involve seven plaintiffs, an egregious accident, and a multi-million dollar demand amount. "I need you to track down some insurance documents for me, ok?"

I nod. Sure thing. This sounds easy enough.

"Oh and I need a mediation brief ready by the time I get back."

"Sure, no problem." I enthusiasticly reply. Because when you're dealing with a partner, you must ooze enthusiasm from your ear drums.

"Good. You can send me an outline of the brief before you get started so I can make sure we're going in the right direction, ok?"

"You got it."

I walk out of the meeting smiling. Then I sit down at my desk and start to think about tackling this assignment. Ok I need to write a mediation brief. Good. Ok.

Now what the heck is a mediation brief?


*Unfortunately, I now know what a mediation brief is. I just finished the outline. The OUTLINE is eight long pages. Mediation "brief" = oxymoron.

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Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your posts. I just moved to Seattle to start law school at S.U. and it is wonderful reading the musings of someone( with an actual sense of humor) already in the field!

Have a great day!