Saturday, July 11, 2009

Putting The Ass in Associate

On Monday I made the mistake of confiding in a young associate. I admitted that I still wasn't feeling too hot from consuming too much alcohol on the Fourth of July. Of course I told him, "I never do stuff like this!" and he was all like, "Yeah, SURE you don't."

Coincidentally, I had gone out to lunch with him and a paralegal last week and let it slip that I choose my purses based upon whether or not they can hold a 5th of rum. This clearly did not help me out on this particular Monday.

Later in the day I walked by his office and he taunted, "There she goesssss, the office druuuuunk..."

Then at the end of the day he saw me in the file room looking through some client files.

"Hey, Cee. You can stop looking in that file cabinet. They don't keep any booze in here."

Ha ha. So funny. Can you say that a little louder. I think there is still one partner in the office who didn't hear you! That's what I deserve I guess.


Soleil said...

Uh, so NOT what you deserve. Guy just sounds like a complete jackass.

Butterflyfish said...

Agree. He's a d****bag.

Anonymous said...

:( what a jerkface.