Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Crazy Little Guy

Jacob is hilarious nowadays. He is seriously the most fun he's ever been and every day it gets better. He knows where his head is if you ask him (and his "wee wee" of course, but that's old news). And when he hears people laughing, he automatically joins in, like he understood the humor of what someone just said or did. And boy does he babble- he babbles all day long as if he were carrying out an actual conversation with someone.

My absolute favorite thing Jacob does though is say "num" when he wants to drink something. But the best part is when he is about to pronounce the "n" sound, he sticks his tongue out between his otherwise closed lips. And if he catches ANYONE taking a drink out of a glass, he is suddenly reminded of his unquenchable thirst. He will point to the glass and repeat "num, num, num" over and over until you oblige him. It has become so annoying that, during dinner, we hide our glasses and turn away from him when we take a sip. If we didn't we'd be forced to give him sips of water every three seconds and he would refuse to take a single bite of food until we did!

We're already totally planning Jacob's first birthday party. I know he won't give two shakes of a rattle if we do anything to celebrate. But I think first birthday parties are TOTALLY for the parents and I'm going to go ALL OUT! I'm thinking a cowboy party theme with hay bales to sit on, a homemade saloon and marshall's office facade made out of cardboard, a cowboy clown, and real ponies! Ha, ha, Someone stop me! I dare you to try!

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Trannyhead said...

Dude! That's intense.

My kid got sick the night before his 1st birthday party. We were going to have a small get-together ... it sucked that we couldn't do anything.