Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hey Cowgirl, Can I Borrow A Chair?

I grabbed a table at our law student common area and started tackling the reading for my next class. When I got here I was at a table alone with six chairs. Now I am at a table alone with one chair.

This just reinforces how lonely I feel. Not even the chairs LOVE ME! People keep politely approaching:

"Can I borrow this chair?"
"Are you using this chair?"
"Mind if I take this?"

They might as well call it as it is- "Since you have no friends can I take your chair so I can join my hundreds of best buddies?" I give them a friendly smile. "Of course." The chair borrower will grab the chair and drag it over to his or her table of loudly conversing chums. Leaving me and my big empty table to pour over some exciting intestate statutes.

It's alright. I can handle riding solo. I'll be the lone cowgirl just passing through on my trusty steed, this cold metal chair. Yup, I keep to myself because I know what they don't- you fair better when you're on your own. Friends just get you shot square between the shoulder blades. I'll garner curious looks from the townfolk, stride on over to the saloon for some drip coffee, make some trouble for the lawman and end up having to defend my honor in a noontime showdown.

Or I'll just sit here and finish my reading until I get a chance to make small talk with the girl next to me in Trust & Estates.


Anonymous said...

i love reading this blog. love it. and - though i am just a 2L - can totally relate to a lot of it. hang in there - you're almost done!

J said...

Oh wow that's awful. I read your post before this so I could understand what you mean. I can imagine that you feel lonely with all the people you started the journey with gone. As Rachsu said, you're almost there!

Trannyhead said...

I loathed other law students. I had a few close friends, and I basically ignored anybody else because they were a bunch of losers. You're better off without 'em.