Monday, August 24, 2009

LAST First Day of School

Today is my last first day of school ever! The last time I ever get to enjoy the anticipation and excitement of starting new classes and the last time I get to enjoy purchasing new school supplies. It's so bittersweet!

This semester is starting out right too- my first class was cancelled (my 8am class) and I don't have to show up at school until 1pm! For any other commuting law schools moms out there, I thought I would share how I've made my law school schedule work out with a baby.

I schedule all my classes two days a week and as back to back as possible (which usually means I take whatever classes I can get regardless of subject or professor). It seems like you have long days but then you only have to commute to school on two days - this is important for me because my commute is over an hour (more like TWO hours!) each way. My mom watched my baby while I'm at school and my husband's mom watches him two other days out of the week so that I have a designated time to get all my homework done. This works so well for me, especially because it means that I am in school and studying when my husband is at work so I can still spend time with him on evenings and weekends!

This semester I'm taking the following classes (and I'm actually excited about most of them):

Insurance Law (after my two summers in insurance defense, I could teach this class!)
Health Law (with the funniest professor ever- I had him for con law)
Professional Responsibility (ew, but what can I do- it's required)
Trusts & Estates (only thing that fit)
Pre-Trial Advocacy (so excited- we prepare motions and stuff for made up cases- this should also be easy for me after two summers of pre-trial prep. I've already written motions galore!)

Here I go, coasting into my last semester of law school as an awesome 4L!

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Anonymous said...

You are so lucky to have family living close enough where they can help you.