Monday, August 3, 2009

I Can Almost Taste It!

All summer at the law firm I've heard a rumor or two about the firm making me an offer for employment for next year (I officially graduate in December). This elusive offer is still, well elusive. But hopefully not for long!

Today the administrative assistant walks into my office. She asks me if I have a copy of the firm's case handling guidlines. Oh Shit. Here it comes. I did something wrong and I'm about to get the lecture of my life. The admin assistant is really nice and almost like a mom to the associates and staff but, like any good mother, she can be...well, don't get on her bad side- we'll just put it that way. At least she doesn't have a wooden spanking stick.

She closes my office door and plants herself in the extra chair. She's wearing a dress but manages to pull out a pad of paper and pencil from somewhere. She looks like she's about to recite my charges aloud to me. I get a naseous feeling way deep in my gut- even my spleen feels it. Maybe I should just fake that I have to pee and run out of the room desperately grabbing my crotch. Maybe that's the most elegant way out of this situation?



"The partners want to make you an offer for full time employment before you leave this summer."

WHAT THE HELL?!?! Now I do have to pee! From excitement!

"So I need to know when you graduate and take the bar and all that.

I tried really hard to hide my excitement. If it was possible for excitement to oooze out of your pores I would have been the sweatiest damn person on the planet. Looking back, I imagine that my eyes were swelling bigger and twinkling brighter than the eyes of a Japanese anime character on speed.

And that was how I got the good news. The news that for the first time in my life, I will be employed full time in a position that is my CAREER not just a job. Since I started law school, one thing alone has been on my mind- landing a real job at a law school after graduation. Now, I'm so close I can almost taste it! This will likely be the job that defines my career for the foreseeable future. That's what they always say- your first job out of lawschool most likely will guide the direction the rest of your legal career will take.

Now I just have to pass lawschool (heck, I don't even need to worry about grades anymore!) and the bar... so close and yet, so far. (Ok, I won't jump the gun, I realize the firm still needs to make me an actual offer- but stop trying to spoil my blog post with reality).


suzy said...


Butterflyfish said...

oh man that is awesome -- i hope it all comes together like you hope!

John said...

Fantastic! Glad to see all the hard work is paying off.

CM said...

Congratulations!!! Seems like you really like it there, too.

Anonymous said...

I got to tease you a little bit: "landing a job at a law school. . ." Did you mean law firm? ;-)
Seriously Congratulations! That's awesome.

Shelley said...


gudnuff said...

Frickin' excellent!!! Congratulations Cee! I'm so happy for you. (Grades might still matter, as PT-Lawmom said somewhere, at some BigFirm she worked at, they posted each attorney's class placement and/or GPA (or some combination of scholastic measurement) on the firm's web site. It meant they only hired you if you met their numbers. All that to say, grades will always matter, it seems (just as Legally Certifiable's recent job hunt emphasized - five or more years after graduation, even). At least, that's one lesson I've learned about the whole process so far.) (This is more fascinating to me than watching ESPN! Oh the tension! Oh the sport! Whew!) Again, congrats!

paragon2pieces said...

Yay! That's awesome news :)

FSD said...

Congrats, Cee! An offer well deserved. I hope they make it official soon. Your last semester will be breeze since you won't have to worry about finding a job in this market. (Clap clap clap....I thought I'd throw in the claps for fun given your most recent post)