Saturday, December 1, 2007


Not all thoughts are filtered before posting. Names may or may not be changed to protect the innocent, however, any resemblence to real life persons which could result in emotional distress and contail libelous content are purely coincidental. Exposure to this blog may result in unpredictable side effects, may be distasteful and...

may contain nuts.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Cee, I'm submitting this to a very old post that doesn't have any comments attached to it so that it won't get emailed out to prior commenters, because its a bit off-topic. (Feel free to delete it in the end.) I would have sent it by email but you keep your email private. (Me too--fewer spammers.)

Anyway, I noticed today when I visited your latest post that I may have lost you as a reader, which makes me sad but I totally understand because your new life is busy, busy, busy! (Though hopefully I didn't lose you as a reader b/c I offended you in some way.) I only mention this because I happened to have mentioned you in my earlier "We Now Interrupt" post. I hope that someday I might make your list again, but even if not, I just wanted you know how very much I appreciated your support. A big, big thanks!