Saturday, December 29, 2007

Musical Cravings

Forget the infamous cheese, watermelon, or chocolate cravings...I only have musical pregnancy cravings. I can't go a day without listening to Boys II Men...I just lay down, set iTunes to "repeat" and eat it all up. The band totally does it for me right now. Hey, this kid will be one suave cat.

Also, I have also been yearning to hear Jamiroquai...but maybe that's just because I know Blake Lewis is in town and I'd give my last Toffee Symphany bar to see him perform in concert. So very yummy.

No aversions yet, except for folding laundry.


legalmommmy said...

try Anthony Hamilton or Musiq Soulchild

CM said...

That's hilarious, I had the same thing -- I needed to listen to '80s music. We now have lots of George Michael and El DeBarge on our iPod.