Sunday, December 9, 2007

Extreme Emotional Distress

My finals are causing me EED!

In my favorite class- International Delivery of Human Aid- my professor gave us a writing assignment instead of a traditional 3 hour final. I should be jumping for joy, right? WRONG! It would be a nice easy paper, except that we have to pick our own topics. After we pick our topic, we have to follow certain guidelines he established in analyzing our topic.

So we can pick virtually ANY topic related to international aid. ANY topic? ANY topic? What do I chose? I have been in law school for 1.5 years- whatever creativity I had coming in to lawschool has been successfully beaten out of me by the IRAC method (Issue, Rule, Analysis, Conclusion). I don't know how to write a normal paper! I haven't written a paper like that since college.

I've already been through three topics. My paper deadline is approaching and I'm still stuck. I totally had a break down last night. I buried my head under a blanket and screamed "I can't do it!" until my husband came over to make me feel better. He put his arms around me and consoled, "yes you can, you can do it." I just made really loud, pouty breathing sounds and then threatened to let my computer fall off my lap in frustration. He caught it- damn.

"Can I help you?"
With head under my blankie I replied: "hmph!"
"Do you need power food?"
"Do you need a hug?"
head still under blankie: "waaaaaah!"
"do you need to take a break?"
"sob, sob"

I gave in and we watched SuperBad. Then we played the drinking game version of "throw a ball into a box" drinking KoolAid and Vodka out of a plastic cup. Man, I haven't done stuff like that since college. Maybe this morning I will be able to write a normal paper afterall.

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newduck said...

It may be too late, and you may not want unsolicited advice, but if you're still looking for a topic, there are a bunch of NGOs in Cambodia (and all over SE Asia) that work with child prostitution and child sex trafficking, and it's pretty interesting who gets help (and how they get it) from USAID. Again, it's probably too late for new ideas, but good luck!