Friday, December 28, 2007

What a Cry Baby

According to online due date calculators, I am about six weeks pregnant and due August 20th.

But, I really don't feel pregnant at all, except for having sore boobs, not being able to poop, being tired all the time and having regular crying fits. That is the biggest thing that puzzles me about this whole ordeal, why do I cry for no reason?

I bawl when I hear a sad song, when I think my husband is mad at me, when I'm tired, when I'm laying on the couch, after I eat, when my boobs hurt, when I see how ugly our second bedroom is for the millionth time, when I'm bored, when I think about babies, when I think about baby animals, when I think about how I can't ski for 8 more months, when I think my eyebrows are ugly, when I want a hug, when we run out of cat food and when I'm cold.

In fact, just thinking about being sad makes me sad. (rubs tears away).

I wanted a baby- so why am I sad all the time? Why do I always feel crabby? I wish I could show other people how I feel so they would understand. People who wintess my crying fits probably think I'm insane and emotionally unstable- oh wait, I am. I think I finally understand what people go through who have chronic depression or other emotional problems. At least, there is a positive side to all this, gaining sympathy for others.

It's just really frustrating not to be able to control something as small as tears.

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lawmom said...

It's the hormones and unfortunately they are out of our control because an alien is growing inside of you and slowly taking over your body, a cute alien but still.

The crying is just one of the many things you don't remember anyone telling you before you got yourself into the pregnancy predicament. Other faves ridiculous constipation and my personal fave yeast infections from hell.