Thursday, December 6, 2007

Teacher Evaluations

Instructor: Professor Smithman
Course: Development Law

1. Does instructor communicate clearly and effectively?
....Listening to this professor is like listening to my great aunt lila wispering through a toothless mouth from half way across the room. But aunt lila gives me cookies.

2. Does instructor relate the material to current topics?
....Professor repeatedly interrupted student lead discussions about the passing of Kanye West's mother, may she rest in peace, (seriously, where's the respect?) and Nicole Richie's pregnancy (who would have thought she is capable of growing boobs?)

3. Does instructor demonstrate knowledge in the subject?
.....Professor demonstrates knowledge (and years of experience) in boring the hell out of a room full of students of the law (who, I might add, have a high boredom-threshold from reading cases all day)

4. Does instructor help your ability to learn the subject?
....looking at slideshows of lung cancer growths would have been a better use of my time than to attend class lecture (don't think I wasn't tempted on occassion).

Additional Comments:
When he teaches, Professor reminds me of the dancing monkey from Aladdin, minus the cute red hat.

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