Monday, September 8, 2008


(Daddy and Jacob- more pictures to come tomorrow)

They took the staples out of my incision today. It's good knowing that I am a staple-free person now. It also feels good to wear regular (non-mesh) panties for the first time in a week. It's still hard to get dressed each morning because basically the ony thing stretchy enough to not rub against my incision is sweat pants. So I'm stuck with my grandfather's wardrobe of choice. At least I don't wear flannel.

To tell this like a real war story I have to brag that I had 19 staples holding my guts together. Pleasant.

Then Jacob had his doctor's appointment. He's amazing. He isn't fussy at all- I feel so lucky. The only time he ever cries is when I negect to feed him in a timely manner because I'm doing super important things like blogging and checking Facebook or staring jealously at the fully stocked wine cupboard (almost off my meds and then I can partake!).

Jacob weighed 8lb 8oz when he was born. He dipped down to 7lb 14oz in two days but when we left the hospital he was back up to 8lb 6oz. That was two days ago. Today he weighed a whopping 8lb 11oz! He's got an appetite! My doctor said most babies take a couple weeks to get back to their birth weight and Jakie has already surpassed his.

Then there's his head. His wonderful head with it's world record breaking circumference. The doctor told me that average newborn have 34-35 cm heads. Jacob Palmer has a 38 cm head. OMG. No wonder I needed a c-section.

And I can't complete this post without mentioning that this kid has the worst case of flatulence. He'd be a good contender in an adult gas-passing competition. And he poops like crazy. I guess that's what babies do though right- eat, sleep, poop and use their large heads to plan gas attacks on the non-baby universe.


CM said...

Newborn poops are so funny. You can hear them from across the room!

I'm happy to hear you're having fun with Jacob!

LEO said...

Glad to hear you are healing well and that Jake is such a good, healthy baby! your husband looks enchanted by him ;)

Jealous you get to enjoy vino soon ...

the dragonfly said...

Ahh, the newborn gas. That's when I started calling my son Stinky. :)

What a sweet little guy. Your husband looks so happy!!