Sunday, September 28, 2008

No Sleep, No Worries...Yet

I can't believe I haven't found the time to blog at all this week. But I guess that's how it goes when you're constantly walking around in a sleepless, spit-up covered daze.

You know that sound bit of advise that suggests that you sleep when your baby sleeps? That little tid bit of knowledge is for people who don't have insomnia, who can easily nap during daylight hours when so many other exciting things are going on in the world (why nap when I can take a trip to WalMart to count the number of people wearing sweat pants?) and people without family.

Jacob and I either HAD visitors or WERE visitors for every day this week. And of course, Jacob only wanted to sleep when we were visiting. I don't think it would have been very polite for me to have excused myself for a nap while visiting people I only see twice a year. I don't get how Jacob can sleep so soundly while he is being passed from person to person and yet, the second I get home and lay him down in his cozy bassinet, he is startled awake.

I think this week I will shut myself off from the world of well-wishing family and friends and just chill with Jacob. He meets so many new people each day who want to hold him and pass him around, I feel like we need to just get settled into a normal routine.

Also this week, I had my first "I'm such a bad mom" scare. I was trying to cook tandoori chicken while Jacob was in his swing. He got fussy right when I was putting the spices together for the chicken. I picked him up and tried to multi-task. The second I was trying to measure out 1 teaspoon of chili powder, Jacob jiggles his arm and sent powder flying all over the kitchen AND his face! I was so lucky that it missed his eyes and his mouth. I managed to carefully wipe him off without any problems, but seriously, can you imagine how awful things could have turned out?!?!
My Guys: I love spending the weekend with these two :)


Anonymous said...

ya, i am an awful napper too - i didn't do it once my baby was more than a month old. and the insomnia, it's just another lovely postpartum side effect. it will go away soon.

CUTE baby!

LEO said...

I am laughing out loud because you tagged this as "Call CPS."
Jacob is definitely getting cuter every day! Have you sent out birth announcements yet? They have so many cute options and you have amazing pictures!

LL said...

I was the exact same way and I don't think I ever once took a nap when Landon did. I definitely suffered for it, but I just can't sleep during the day, especially when I looked forward to nap time so I could get things done! ("things" being web surfing and blog reading, the laundry could always wait :)

Portia said...

I'm still that way. I can be totally beat, but I need to be DOING something when she's sleeping.

And BTW... my first "I'm a horrible mom" moment? Eden and I went to visit Daddy for lunch at work - she was six weeks old - and we had her out of the carseat playing. Then I put her back in the car, and drove all the way home (about 5 miles or so, but all the way across the city). When I got back into the backseat to get her out, I realized she wasn't buckled in! Seriously.