Sunday, February 22, 2009

Growing Pains

Today I finally admitted to myself that most of Jacob's 3-6 month old clothes are getting too small. I've been in denial for about a week -- purposely not noticing the lack of leg room in his sleepers and how far his bare arms stick out of his shirts.

For bed time I reluctantly took out a pair of his 6-9 month old size jammies...and...they fit! I can't believe this. I love watching Jacob learn new things. I love how he is interacting with us more each day. But I hate that my baby is growing so fast! Where is the tiny little bundle of blankets that use to just stare up at me?

Last week I slowly weaned Jacob and he is now 90% drinking only formula. I only nurse him once a day now-- the first time he wakes up in the morning. I loved nursing him but now that I can pretty much feed him formula anywhere and at anytime I really don't miss it (I was one of those crazy super modest nursing moms- I wouldn't feed Jacob in front of anyone but my husband, including my own mom, even if we were covered! This made feeding a huge preparedness task- I always had to think ahead). The past month and a half he's been catching up in weight (we were told to put weight on him last appointment). Since he's been eating baby food and rice cereal and formula, he's been packing the pounds. He's finally getting those cute baby fat rolls on his legs!

Since he's put on weight he seems so much more durable. He's also had a dramatic shift in his mood. He used to get fussy pretty often. But lately he's just this happy, content baby ALL THE TIME! I feel bad that maybe he used to be so fussy because I didn't feed him enough? But now he's happy and rolly polly and so much more independent AND he sleeps from 9-6 EVERYNIGHT! He's been just a breeze~!

I'm enjoying this happy Jacob now while I can because I know some teeth are lurking just around the corner, waiting to make his life miserable.


LL said...

I forgot to comment on the last one, but what I was going to say applies here too - you have an adorable child. Those eyes! The expressions! And you take very good pictures of him :)

P.S. my word verification was "lazines" which applies because I've been in my office for nearly an hour and done nothing but read blogs and Academy Award run downs. I suppose I should get to work... even blogger thinks so.

LEO said...

So many thoughts... first of all, it's getting pretty cliche, but I have to say again how adorable he is. And how I want to have you come to my house and take pictures because you always have such great quality ones... (is it really the camera and should I be using a different one, or is it just that you have such a great subject?)
Second of all, I know exactly what you mean. When we switched to 3-6 month outfits and size 2 diapers at 8 weeks, I was in denial... the excitement of getting to go through all new outfits wore off quickly. But it's just not right to give a 2 month old a complex about fitting into clothes! So 3-6 months it is. haha
Third of all, wow, nursing only once a day. I can't even fathom that but I'm sort of excited for that day. I have a feeling it will be kind of soon because I'm not sure my boobs can keep up with his rate of growth. Congrats on getting to wear a regular bra (if not now, soon :) )

gudnuff said...

It's true, Cee, we would all benefit from a little photography tutorial from you, I think. Your pictures are gorgeous. Jacob is lucky to have his baby beauty captured with such clarity and quality. I mean, even with my sad skills and sucky camera, there'd be no obscuring how handsome he is.

It hurts to have them change and grow and forever leave behind some piece of them. But also it feels so reassuring to see that they are growing. What a happy bouncing baby boy he is!

Anonymous said...

he's adorable! i second the compliments picture taking ability.

also, the calmness, the sleeping - it's developmental - he's just more mature now and can sleep longer. i dont think it was that he was hungry before, so definitely dont harbor any guilt about that.