Monday, February 2, 2009

Productively Pursuing A New Career Path

I dominated a table at Starbucks for five whole hours today while I finished up my Sales, Payment and Corporate Governance reading for tomorrow. I crammed to get as much done as possible during the window of time that Jacob played with Grandma Lumpia (husband's mom-she is Fillipina).

The problems are
1) Starbucks Lady keeps giving me dirty looks because it's been three hours since I have actually ordered something. Placing my old latte cup strategically in front of my table is not fooling her.
2) I can only study for 15 minutes before I need to get up and do something but I look rather silly walking in circles.
3) Five hours is not nearly enough time to finish all the homework for my five classes- I need TEN HOURS!

So I did what I could before rejoining the living and picking up my happy big-headed baby* from Grandma Lumpia's house. I got home at around 5:30pm and that's when my day actually started.

I got home and fed Jacob.
Then I made dinner,
gave Jacob a bath,
put him is his jammies,
started a load of laundry,
fed Jacob one last time,
put him to bed,
put the wet clothes in the dryer
cleaned the dishes,
made my lunch,
packed Jacob's diaper bag for tomorrow
cleaned the breast pump!

I may have accomplished enough in four hours to suggest that I am on some kind of performance-enhancing drugs or perhaps a tiny bit of speed. BUT. There is still a stack of assigned reading sitting on my table haunting me. I swear it has grown a pair of big googly eyes like the "money you will save by switching to Geico" in those crazy Geico ads. I still won't get to it tonight.

So what is the point of doing all those chores if by neglecting my IMPORTANT work, my life is sent spiraling down the path of Flunking out of Law School. Causing me to never find a Job. Resulting in the Foreclosure of My Home. And reducing my family to scrounging food off the streets like rats? I could have saved myself the agony of law school and could already be enjoiying a career in street scrounging.

It's not me. It's the Crazy talking.

*We have started calling him Charlie Brown because of his big and hair-challenged head.
P.S. I'm so tired I had to edit this post six times for errors and grammar mistakes.


gudnuff said...

Just curious if you are compelled to have a tidy house. A clean breast pump, well, that's unavoidable. But laundry? Can your husband help?

gudnuff said...

Also, more than a day later, I am STILL laughing at the picture of your stack of assigned reading staring at you with the Geico googly eyes. That was pretty funny.

Trannyhead said...

Dude - I studied for exams in Panera Bread because it was near my nanny. And one day when I was in there some crazy woman approached my table and stared me down for a LONG time before I noticed her, there. I mean - I fully sat there for probably 15 minutes before I realized that a strange woman was standing less than 3 feet away staring at me. Not doing anything, just staring. The only reason I noticed she was there at all was because a guy behind the counter came out and told her to leave. Totally freaked me out. I mean - how did I not notice her? Anyway, random fun fact for you.

LEO said...

Oh my gosh, I feel the same way... most of the time Timmy only sleeps long enough during the day to quickly clean the breast pump or wash my face or eat something. The rest of the day, I might be able to get a few errands done because he'll sleep or be content in his stroller but that obviously doesn't include reading.
For some reason I still bring all my books home every day, even though I have yet to read a single one. You would think with 4 days a week with nothing planned I could squeeze in a little reading, but I always have something better to do. Now I'll always picture my stack of books with Geico eyes, hahaha!

LEO said...

Also, T has a huge head too. One of the reasons I like the name Timmy is because this adorable little skinny 7 year old kid I used to coach in beach volleyball had a HUGE head. He was my favorite. We always used to make the kids do sit ups or sprints when they lost a contest or did something wrong. Well one day, he complained that it wasn't fair because he had such a big head it was too hard for him to lift his head. He was so sincere with his little puppy dog eyes, I couldn't stop laughing.