Saturday, February 7, 2009

Of Burritos, Showers and Miracles.

I'm not really a believer in miracles until they happen to me, of course.

Thursday night I put a sleeping Jacob in his crib at 9:30pm. Exhausted, I fell asleep not much later than that. When he woke me up with his crying, something felt different. I didn't feel as tired as I usually am when roused from the middle of a deep sleep. I looked at the clock- it was 5:30AM!!!! He had slept a full eight hours!

In the entire History of Jacob, this has never happened before. When he was three months old he used to sleep the first stretch for five to six hours at a time. But for the last two months he's been waking up every three to four hours. It felt amazing to sleep that long completely uninterrupted. It was an awesome glimpse at what the future could hold for me. Of course, my miracle was short lived. Last night Jacob was back to his old tricks.

Today was a pretty nice day, however. We chilled all morning and I made us some nice brunch breakfast sandwiches. My husband and I *cough* took a shower together while Jacob played on the floor in the next room (does that make me a bad mom?). We are now very clean....

We didn't leave our house until 4:30 when we decided to do some shopping and go out for dinner. We tried to sneak into a restaurant tavern but they wouldn't let us in with a baby- what the heck??? Like he's really going to try to order a beer from the bar with his fake ID. So instead we stopped at a Mexican place and I had the biggest burrito of all time (there goes my mission to lose five pounds). Jacob attracted a lot of attention with his big steel-grey/blue eyes and charmed a waitress into holding him.

We drove home, bellies full of refried beans and rice, quiet content. Until the beans got their revenge. Something really horrid smelling started to fill the air. I looked acusingly at my husband and he just grinned.

"Was that you? Did you just fart?"
"Don't be ridiculous. Guys don't fart, they BUBBLE!"


gudnuff said...

Awesome that Jacob slept a full 8 hours! He's raising your expectations yet again.

Sounds like the perfect family-centered day of togetherness. Complete with some bow-chicka-bow-bow...glad you both were awake this time to enjoy yourselves.

LEO said...

Doesn't that make you a good mom ... combining sex and shower, making both more efficient?

And SLEEP! Yay! Timmy slept from 10:30 to 5:30 last night, and I woke up feeling amazing, except for my boobs, which were about to explode... I hope Jacob makes 8 hour nights the norm!

Trannyhead said...

Heh ... be careful about vocalizing your approval of such feats. I find that if I acknowledge them, they dissappear quickly.

FYI, the shirt came from Etsy. ( ... it's a website of tons of hand-made stuff. That particular tie shirt came from the "SuperSweetCreations" shop (if you search for it, you'll see all the designs). But may I suggest TheRockingPony, too? Her shop on Etsy is temporarily down as she reloads for spring merchandise. But she's a fellow blogger ( and will give you a discount if you check out her blog. Anyway, for future reference she makes those tie shirts and a lot of other designs, too.

PS - Lots of Sumo's other shirts come from Etsy, too. Fandangled and Nissalisa are other favorites of mine.