Sunday, February 15, 2009

How I Spend My Student Loans (V-day Edition)

First: Happy Belated Heart Day from Jacob:

How do you spend your student loans? If the answer is any of the following, then you are doing something wrong: frugally, responsibly, wisely, necessities ONLY, school-related expenses.

I'll tell you how student loans were meant to be spent...

Friday I stopped by my husband's office and dropped off a package for him with the receptionist. The package contained his best sports coat/blazer (can someone please tell me the difference!?) with a note containing a clue.
The note said, "Wear this jacket/and you'll look fetching/for a night on the town/ after some 'stretch'-ing." Any guesses what that meant? Clue word: "stretch."

STRETCH LIMO! (note: my husband thought that was really lame)

I arranged for my parents to take care of Jacob and I picked my husband up from work in a limo! I was wearing a black dress that I had skipped Admin law to purchase. That little fact only made the dress more PERFECT.

I even remembered to bring along our favorite bottle of raspberry wine that we were saving for a special occassion. The limo was outfitted with a light up bar filled with champagne flutes, a TV with DVD player (which came with an Usher music video), a decked out stereo, sunroof, and a lit up ceiling! The best part was the long "j" shaped seat which, with a small running start, you could slide all the way down! (um we were still wearing our seat belts?...) I had the best buzz student loans could buy!

One more thing to cross off my to-do list: "getting frisky in a limo."

The limo dropped us off at the best Thai food restaurant in our city. Then we topped the evening off by driving our car out to a wooded area and enjoying some baby-free loving (just like we used to do when we were dating and both lived with our parents). It's way more fun when you have to get creative...

So to recap: monopoly money student loans = limo, new black dress, fancy thai dinner, wine and a bottle of lube.


gudnuff said...

oh're upping the standard. My first thought: Wow, you look great! Immediately followed by: he is one lucky guy, and my husband had better NEVER see this post or I'm in trouble for slacking.

I love that you skipped class to get the dress. You rock. Now this is the way to remember your law school years. Not with your head in a book, but with your feet waving in the air in the back of a limo. Wooooooo! And then the fond embraces in the parked car in the woods. Classic.

Butterflyfish said...

I love this post

je said...

wow... this is AWESOME! seriously, just turns the whole idea of the guy having to do the romantic thing on valentine's on its head. i definitely am going to work on taking your student loan advice!

p.s. wherever you live, it looks gorgeous in that picture.

LL said...

That is such an awesome idea- I love it! Your husband is a lucky man :)

PT-LawMom said...

Awesome post!! And you look gorgeous, hot mama. :-)

LEO said...

You're awesome. and a good wife...your husband and jacob are lucky!

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