Sunday, February 1, 2009

I Didn't Know The Super Bowl Involved Football. I Thought It Was About Ads And Beer.

To celebrate Super Bowl Sunday, we took Jacob over to my husband's friend's house. We always gather at his place for events requiring a TV since his TV is, by far, the largest. This is why I refuse to allow my husband to buy a TV the size of a small elephant, because we would always be the default hosts (ok, and because we don't really have the money).

Since I care more about my grandma's toenail fungus than I do about football, I celebrate the beer and pizza. Oh and the commercials. But this year, the commercials were very disappointing.
Most of them left me wondering "wtf?!" It was pretty funny to watch the guys put on their 3-D glasses at every commercial break just to make sure they didn't miss the 3-D Sobe commercial though.

You could tell which companies' marketing budgets had taken a hit. Ivars and Miller Highlife both featured a 1/8 of a second ad- which probably costs them about three Executive Officer salaries. It was so pathetic, it was funny. But by far my favorite commercial was one from I swear I laughed for ten whole minutes (sorry koala bear):

Oh and watching Springsteen during halftime was more painful than an hour of admin law. He's so.....old. Every time he did a jump we wondered if he was going to break a hip. And then that funny slide thing he did into the camera which resulted in a "crotch shot" .... too too funny.

The best entertainment of the day, of course, was Jacob. He was fun and charming the whole afternoon and evening. He belly laughed when we played peek-a-boo with him and chatted up a storm. The guys loved passing him around and making crazy faces at him. He even napped during parts of the game (football has that effect on me too).

Oh yeah, I almost forgot that there was even a game. I have some random thoughts about football in general that always puzzle me:

-how do the players NOT get constant wedgies in those tight pants?
-how can guys that large run so fast? or does the tv just make them look fast?
-does anyone else find it objectively strange that people all over the country tune in to watch men in tights doggy pile each other?
-why does that one ref have the letters "BJ" written on the back of his uniform? Is that his name? That is just unfortunate.


gudnuff said...

Oh, you totally nailed it. First, lol on the BJ thing. Second, you beat me to it. I wanna embed that same clip. Now I'll just have to be satisfied with saying this in your comments about the lady in the car:

Who the hell was filming me and why is my hair that color?

Except I have covered parking, which makes up for sooooo much, no? ahem...not so much, no, actually (screams echo a lot more in parking garages, I've learned)

Portia said...

Loved that ad. It was my fav too!

And I agree - football?? What?? I actually spent most of the evening giggling like a 13-year-old boy every time they said "penetration!"

Cee said...

yeah! and personal foul!!! LOL!

FSD said...

You crack me up, girl!!! Thankfully, since my husband thought the game would suck, we didn't watch much of the Superbowl. Just about 2 min of the halftime show and the last 4 minutes of the game. Thank GOD!!!

I'm with you on the Springsteen performance....the starting leap on top of the piano and then the knee bend at the mic both scared me! This morning it was pointed out on the radio that but for the stationary mic, he wouldn't have been able to get back up from the knee bend thing. LOL.

My personal favorite from your observations: "does anyone else find it objectively strange that people all over the country tune in to watch men in tights doggy pile each other?"

AGREED! Thanks for the laugh!

LEO said...

The commercials were definitely lame this year! I always like the sobe ones and the career builder commercials are good.

The best part of last night was the new episode of the Office in my opinion

gudnuff said...
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