Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Eat That Law Snob.

After I wrote my last post I got a second wind of motivation. I think I realized that if I had to give up so much Jacob in studying for finals, I was at least going to make it worth it. I sat down and plowed through a quarter of one of my text books. And I went to bed feeling much better.

At the start of my 9am UCC Sales class, I felt pretty confident. I had reviewed the problems during my ferry ride. I even hoped the professor would call on me- yeah, THAT'S confidence right? By the end of class, I was trying to hold back tears. I was hopelessly lost in the material. I just sat there, staring at my computer with my head in my hands. I think it's time to learn Secured Transactions from my trusty friend, Gilbert.

I think the material is understandable. It's just that our professor doesn't explain it to us. This is the downfall of the Socratic Method. The professor spends all class questioning and interrogating us. Each time we think we have it right, he asks us a new question that totally contradicts everything we just "learned" and took notes on. At the end of class, no one knows what the conclusion was.

Then there is the guy who sits in the middle row. He smiles smugly while the rest of us look confused. He has his nose so high in the air, you would think he was trying to signal a sattelite through his nose. He wears stupid preppy plaid shorts or a full on suit and tie. I seriously go home hoping a bird craps on his head everyday. Anyway, today the professor called on him. After he answered in his nasally arrogant voice, the professor said, "Nope. WRONG."

That seriously made my day. I'm still indulging in the sweetness of his defeat.


LEO said...

It has sometimes been said that blowing out someone else's candle won't make yours glow brighter, but I'm not sure I agree. It can be pretty freaking empowering to know that someone else is just as badly off as you are!

Hang in there, the class will be over soon and you'll do just fine!

gudnuff said...

We all have feet of clay. We ALL do. And tilting your nose as far away from your own clay feet won't change that fact. As he found out.

FSD said...

Don't be discouraged. You'll figure it all out in time for your final. (And then you'll ace it on the bar exam) If I can find an old outline from my UCC/Sales class, I'll e-mail it to you. I'll post a comment if I find it. I think picking up Gilberts is an excellent idea!

I always HATED finals! I can't imagine going through it with a little one at home. I admire you.

Anonymous said...

I have a "middle row guy". Except he sits in the front row and dresses normally. He's the type to wait for someone to say something that's not *quite* right so he can swoop in and say the same thing and get the accolades. He always volunteers and never gets called on.

Until one day, not so long ago, when he was "up" in Property. And when the pressure was on him for more than 5 minutes he crumbled like a cookie.."Umm...uh..." The professor seemed shocked. How could Mr. Know-It-All not know it??

And the rest of us just sat there smugly because we'd all learned the art of being called on months ago and for him it was like the 1st day of class.

It was fantastic and I don't even feel badly for gloating :)

Good luck with your finals!

Trannyhead said...

Very bad law school flashbacks. Very bad. *shudder*

SOO glad that's over.

*big sigh of relief*

Taco John said...

Watching that guy get smacked down is pretty satisfying. Just don't take tooooo much joy in watching him be unable to find a job because he couldn't relate to a pencil much less a hiring partner.

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