Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Almost Died Today

In Financial Institutions Law. No, seriously. I always thought that class would be the death of me, but I never envisioned that the killer would take the form of airborne candy.

Today was the last day of my law school classes (for this semester anyway- one to go- woohoo!). For the last day my Financial Institutions professor brought in some cake and candy. He spent the first five minutes of class, meticulously cutting the cake and displaying it neatly on baking trays which he passed around the class. Then he grabbed a handful of candy and chucked it into his student audience. A hard, foil wrapped piece of Almond Roca wizzed by the side of my face with the velocity of an underwater torpedo. WHY didn't my professor become a major league pitcher? I consider myself lucky to be alive.

Now that classes are done I have my sights set on three in-class exams and two 12 page final papers. The next two weeks will be so hellish, I already want to curl into a ball and pull out my hair. Then I'm focusing on May 16th. Last week I decided to walk with my class even though I don't graduate until December. It was last minute but I know I made the right choice. Although walking in the graduation ceremony won't mean as much knowing I have a full semester ahead of me, it will be nice to walk with the people I entered lawschool with. I will say goodbye to all my old friends from Section A. I will watch them all earn their degrees. I remember when we all just started lawschool. Three years seemed like forever. We never thought we would really graduate, we weren't even sure if we would surivive one year. But we looked forward to that day the way a child dreams of Christmas.

I swear I have mentally "walked" in my graduation ceremony a hundred times over the past three years. It better live up to all my own hype.

So that's it for now. Somehow I managed to survive an entire semester as a new mom. Changing diapers at 6am before leaving the house for class after only 4 hours of sleep, studying with Jacob playing at my feet, coming to class exhausted smelling like baby spit up, this is the stuff heroes are made of. So I wanna know, where's my badge? I don't get some kind of purple heart? Not even flair?


Googie Baba said...

3 in class exams and 2 papers does sound hellish. Good luck. I am glad the candy didn't kill you.

gudnuff said...

I will lift my glass to your sheroic efforts and impressive accomplishments. And when my husband asks me who we're toasting, I'll just say a friend of mine from work. She just got hired in our legal department. I really like her. She's amazing. Most of all, she's a hard worker and deserves a toast. Now drink, dammit.

legally certifiable said...

You definitely deserve a purple heart for surviving law school with an infant.

And I think you are right to walk with your class.

LL said...

I did this same thing: "I swear I have mentally "walked" in my graduation ceremony a hundred times over the past three years." And it did live up to the hype.

I think you made a good call on walking with your class. So much about what makes graduation great is having your peers beside you, it wouldn't be the same with all new people.

And a hearty congratulations on making it through a semester with a baby. No one can understand what a feat that is unless they've done it themselves :)