Monday, April 13, 2009

More Than The World

I didn't realize how little I actually mattered until I met a baby who mattered more to me than the entire world.

Exhibit A: me holding my umbrella over Jacob's carseat in the pouring rain, while my freshly straight-ironed hair is destroyed.

Exhibit B: the scene that I relive every morning- prying my eyelids open and rolling out of my warm bed (I really do roll, it takes less energy) at 6ish am to enter the freezing hallway and make a bottle for Jacob. I may swear, I may grumble, I may curse the baby in the next room- but I still do it.

Exhibit C: not thinking twice before wiping Jacob's runny nose with my own sleeve.

This weekend, I had such a great time being with Jacob, tomorrow is going to be a hard day of school. I wish I could shrink him, put him in my pocket and take him wherever I go. Nothing is better than kissing his soft chubby baby cheeks and watching him grin ear to ear (especially not a 4 credit UCC class at 9am).


Anonymous said...

I am constantly amazed by how adorable your baby is! You could make some money off of that mug!

LEO said...

Oh my gosh, when did he grow up so much? All of the sudden, he looks so much older! Is it possible that he looks even more adorable now with all that hair?

I know I love TImmy when I'm more worried that he has had a bath and smells like a delicious baby than showering and smelling good myself. Haha. Is that gross?

FSD said...

Amen to everything you said! In my two short months as a mother, I can identify with what you've said. Pretty amazing, huh?! Great pics as usual. And Jacob is still super cute! :- )

gudnuff said...

I remember wishing I could carry Q around in my pocket or purse! How funny. I think I used to tell her that, too.