Friday, April 24, 2009

Husband, Texas, and Floss

My husband was out of town this whole week at a conference associated with his new job. Yes, we are VERY lucky. My husband not only got a new job in this terrible economy, but he got a better paying job! To top it off, the company approached HIM with the opportunity. We are so fortunate, it is amazing!

We've been used to supporting our little family off my husband's meager, under appreciating government job. For the work and responsibility, he was definately underpaid. In three years he hadn't been given his yearly employee review or any kind of raise. He even supervised an employee that made 10K more than he did. Ridiculous!

The pay at my husband's new job is about 8K more a year. This is like manna from heaven. We are beside ourselves. We feel like we are rolling in the dough- even though by objective standards his salary is quite far from special. It's amazing to think that when I graduate and (hopefully) get a job, our income will more than double. If we are this stoked about an extra 8K (before taxes, of course), in six months we will be roasting marshmallows over a pit of burning dollar bills!

My husband gets back from his new job conference tomorrow. I'm hoping he picked me up some amazing souvenier from Dallas, Texas-- while it is still part of the country and he doesn't have to report through customs. I'm excited to see him for obvious reasons but I am especially excited to finally figure out the meaning of his last email to me.

"Cee, please pick me up at the airport at 4:30pm tomorrow. So excited to see you. Please bring floss."


LL said...

Maybe because of all the BBQ he ate? I have no idea.

Dallas is a surprisingly fun city to visit for a few days, especially the historic parts of Ft. Worth and the stock yards, but I'd never live there. Well, I'd never live anywhere in Texas outside of my Austin :)

And a big Congrats to your husband on the job!!

je said...

well? what's the word on the floss? i know it's not that he read my blog post about floss and had a sudden urge to clean his teeth...

je said...

oh yeah... and congrats your H's new job! that's really great news! T used to work for the state, and it sounds like your H had a very similar experience. plenty of responsibility, little incentive to give a s**t.

LEO said...

Woohoo, congrats to you guys! I am interested to hear what the floss was all about!