Monday, April 6, 2009

Mini Post

Everyday seems to be shorter than the last or is it that I just have more things to try to cram into each day? And the impending doom of yet another set of finals is finally creeping over me.

Jacob is growing so much each day! It is incredible to actually watch him do new things for the first time. I think he is developing at an exponentially faster rate than before. Last month he started to slowly pick things up and feed himself. But now, I put a handful of cheerios on his plate and he scarfs them down in a minute! Today he used his baby walker for WALKING for the first time. He usually just pushes off the floor and travels backwards unintentionally. Today he was scooting all over the house, oh no! He's getting mobile! And I swear he grew three inches the night we left him at my in-laws for law prom (a post about that to come soon).

Today I had my first taste of summer as I sat in a park and did my secured transactions readings. It was in the mid seventies today! That is ridiculos considering the highs have been in the forties lately and was it just two weeks ago that we got snow? What is going on with Seattle weather?!

I wasted four hours studying secured transactions and I still don't understand priority between all the different types of creditors. It seems like the UCC just randomly piles rule on top of rule with crazy exeptions going off in all direction without reason. Every rule seems to have five exceptions. Then each exception has it's own exception. AGH! This class is going to kill me, I just know it.

Oh and last night I had a dream that some girl was forcing me to pretend to be her fiance. I had to meet her parents, trick them and win their hearts. It seemed unusually cruel. Her mom even made a cake for me that said "congrats bride-to-be." When the truth came out, and her mom was angry and heartbroken, the girl got all pissed that I hurt her mom's feelings. But Dude! You MADE me lie to her! I woke up so angry at her. If I see her in my dreams tonight, she is in for a beat-down.


gudnuff said...

LOL! "If I see her in my dreams tonight, she is in for a beat-down." Oh, thank you for that. I can finally shake off a crappy day and go to bed with a smile because of this post. And yeah, wouldn't it be cool to come to resolution in Dream, Part 2? I wish you much strength in your dreams tonight.

FSD said...

That's hilarious about your dream. You're a hoot!

Good luck with Secured Transactions. I had a hard core professor for that class my last semester of law school. I ended up really liking that class, but there are a lot of exceptions to the exceptions. You'll get it.

Okay, gotta run. I've got a fussy newborn on my hands that just had her 2 mos. shots. :- (

LEO said...

omg, I can't believe Jacob is like eating foods by himself and getting closer to walking! he's getting so big!