Thursday, April 9, 2009

How Long Will A Law Student Wait In Line For Free Drinks?

The Social Experiment: How long will a lawstudent stand in line for free alcohol?

The Results: 45 minutes.

Last weekend was the much anticipated Law Prom. My 1L year, I went to Law Prom with a bunch of girlfriends and it was the greatest time ever! We got all liquored up, danced like we were crazy (seriously), took pictures of butts with other people's cameras and tried to see how many random asses we could slap on the dance floor without getting caught. Someone probably should have kicked us out. My 2L year, I was three months pregnant and couldn't drink. I decided that a law function without the social lubrication of alcohol would not be a good idea, so I stayed home.

This year I had a very different Law Prom experience. After dinner at a nice restaurant with a (non-lawschool) couple, where we had caviar appetizers, big entrees and a $30 bottle of wine, my husband and I headed back to our hotel room (which was in he same building as Law Prom). We got all dolled up, shared a bottle of Cranberry wine (I may be an experienced lush, but I still drink like a highschooler amateur). We arrived at the dance fashionably late only to discover that the line for redeeming our drink tickets was a mile long. But like any bona-fide law student, I waited.

And waited.

And waited.

My fellow law students were going crazy. They were cutting and pushing toward the front of the line. It was like a formalwear moshpit. I can still smell the armpit of the tall chick in front of me. We finally got to the front of the line 45 minutes later and decided to redeem all THREE of our drink tickets right away (not waiting in that line again!). Surprisingly, it's actually not THAT hard to carry three rum and cokes.

We finally made our way to the dance floor and tore it up! Ahhh, I miss dancing... and I missed watching my husband do his twisty dance (he looks like he is drilling for oil). We decided to head up to our hotel room really quick to polish off our bottle of wine. But let's just say we never made it back down (wink).

Then I got to sleep in until 9am for the first time in months! In the morning, we walked around downtown Seattle which was surprisingly warm and gorgeous! At the most fabulous breakfast ever at The Library Bistro. Then we headed down to Pike Place Market farmer's market. We bought fresh crab to pay our babysitters (husband's parents) and explored until it was time to ride our ferry home.

It was the most amazing weekend ever and the best parts of it had absolutely nothing to do with Law Prom itself. The excuse to get away was priceless.


suzy said...

That sounds like the perfect weekend!

je said...

lol... okay i haven't even read your post yet, and i had to comment, because as soon as i saw the title, my mind was like, "haven't i heard that somewhere before?" and then i remembered through a hazy fog that my friends and i were asking the same question at our law school prom a couple weeks ago. hehe... the answer? as long as it takes!

gudnuff said...

My favorite line from this is: "I can still smell the armpit of the tall chick in front of me." So how good were those rum and cokes? Not strong enough to detox your nose, at any rate. But wow, what a weekend! Glad you had a fantastic time. Sounds like the best one yet.

LEO said...

You and your hubby make such a cute couple. What a fun night/day away!

CM said...

Wow, you look great. I can't believe you just had a baby a few months ago!

Portia said...

It sounds so fun! Yay! I didn't ever go to my Law Prom... but I'm sure ours weren't as awesome as this! What a great weekend!