Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thank God Thursdays Are The New Fridays

I got called on in every one of my five classes today. Talk about great timing...ugh! I had a presentation in Corporate Governance that ate up a lot of my homework time. So I didn't complete my assignments to the fullest extent possible (read: I didn't do sh*t).

Oh well, what would be the odds that I would be called on in class out of all my classmates? Apparently I missed the memo from the Swine Aviation Association notifying the public that pigs would be taking to the skies. You woud think that the prof of the class in which I was presenting would take pity on my honor roll deficient soul.

In the first class, I actually did pretty awesome, if I do say so myself. Not quite sure how this happened still. But in my second class, I might as well have just stood up and farting the alphabet with my armpits (or legpits- yes, I CAN do that). I didn't have an answer when the prof asked me what cause of action a customer had against a payor bank under the circumstances of the problem. But I guessed each of the following:

"Breach of transfer warranty?"
"Um. Presentment warranty?"
"No. I meant, negligence."
"Be more specific please."

My professor for this class is really tough. He expects us to have a detailed analysis prepared for each problem BEFORE we come to class. If he calls on us and we do not answer properly, he marks us absent for the day. Not only that but if you are unprepared, he usually will give the class a long lecture about his expectations while citing the syllabus. I thought he would rip me to SHREDS. But he simply moved on to the next unsuspecting victim.

Why did I get so lucky? He is up for tenure. And the law school was FILMING his lecture today. SAVED BY THE CAMERA.

So I survived, but I can't stop replaying my failure in my head. I thought, after my 1L year, that I was beyond caring about having the right answers in class. I don't know why, but for some reason, I want this particular professor to think I am smart. I want his respect. Instead, I feel like he goes home each night and throw darts at the picture of my face on his seating chart. I bet he conducts satanic rituals where he chants my name in Satan-Speak while jabbing sharp pins into a voodoo doll sporting my North Face jacket.

On a lighter note- LAW PROM is Saturday! I know some law students are vehemently against law prom. But it is the only law school function that I look forward to each year. I LOVE law prom. How can you hate a school sponsored event which includes too much booze, too much dancing, too many delicious appetizers, and a chance to sleep on freshly made hotel bed sheets? You don't even have to worry about getting home with a blood alcohol level of 3.5. All you have to do is clamber into an elevator and hope you push the correct floor number. If you pass out in the hall- that's ok. At least you're on the right floor. Close enough.


gudnuff said...

The Swine Aviation Association? I'm gonna remember (and plagiarize) that one! Awesome!

What, exactly, are legpits? Behind the knees, is my guess. Yes? Please say yes, 'cause otherwise...

You deserve a break, and the good karma folk agree, so they sent you cameras today. Yay! And he's probably pleased that you gave him a chance to appear in control and non-maniacal, non-satanic...on film, anyway. And you rock and you know it and he knows it, too.

FSD said...

I always cringed when I got called on when I wasn't adequately prepared. In my third year, I would skip a specific professor's class if I wasn't prepared because he was brutal!

Enjoy law prom!

newduck said...

I went to law prom every single year. Yeah, I'm 35 years old, but no one asked me to the prom in high school and it broke my heart, so I guess I was making up for lost time?