Monday, April 27, 2009

My Baby Is Awesome

Jacob went to the doctor on Friday to have his cough checked out. I gave him a plastic fish toy to hold while the doctor was checking her chart. He launched the toy across the room and hit the doc in the chest. She laughed, handed Jacob his fish and continued to check her charts. She didn't get very far when Jacob launched the fish at her again, this time going right for the jugular.

I had to stifle my smirk and my urge to give Jacob a high five. I don't like doctors that much either.

Yesterday Jacob officially began a rough version of crawling. He inefficiently pulls himself forward while kicking off the ground with his feet. It is so cute! But it totally makes me think of how a merman might try to get around on land- flopping about while pulling forward with his hands. Too funny. Poor guy, he'll get it soon enough.

Oh and one last baby development. Jacob can scream. And he likes to scream. For no good reason. I guess it's just another form of communication. He will look at me, smile, then let out the most ear piercing screech. We discovered that if we impersonate him, he will respond accordingly. We have had a number of socially unacceptable screaming fits at our house lately.

Here he is all dressed up in a cute outfit his aunt bought him. I fished this out from the back of my closet and was sad to discover that it already is getting snug around the belly. Oh well. Cuteness!

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newduck said...

These pictures crack the hell out of me. He looks like a teeny tiny man! The sweater vest actually makes me wish I had a boy to dress up. If only I could have one of each without only the work of one.