Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bottoms Up

I ventured into Jacob's room prematurely this morning. His room is my laundry dumping ground. When I'm too lazy to put away my clothes (dirty or clean) I throw them in a pile in his room because, except for when I put Jacob to bed at night, no one ever goes in there. I am ashamed. But not enough to stop.

After my morning shower the search for panties was on. You can tell I am getting down to my last pair when I start waltzing around in thongs because I don't particularly like thongs and so i save them for last resort. This morning I didn't even have any thongs left! So I went to Jacob's room where I had just (four days ago) deposited a fresh load a clean laundry onto his room. I was nervous I would wake him but he was sleeping like a baby.

I found him like this: knees tucked under his chest and butt in the air.

Then he donned his costume and we played Batman for a little while.


Anonymous said...

Oh, he is TOO cute!

gudnuff said...

Q slept like that in her crib. In fact, at the obscene age of almost-9, she will still assume that position when she gets in bed and I have to tell her to put her butt down. I mean, REALLY! Good grief.

But it is SO cute when they're little!

newduck said...

God he is gorgeous! His smile takes up his whole face. And those eyes! What color are those eyes? They look sea-green/blue in the pictures. My baby still sleeps on her tummy with her butt up in the air like that - it's the cutest thing in the world and sometimes I practically feel like crying when I see her like that.

LEO said...

he is so cute sleeping like that!
The batman outfit reminds me of Frankenstein/Julian in the movie Big Daddy! love it

Anonymous said...

Oh, what a doll! How can you concentrate on anything else? Talk about a beautiful distraction. Beautiful.