Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Law Is Sexy

Around noon today I returned from my daily trip to the generic food mart with my daily can of Diet Dr. Pepper and my daily bag of Skittles.

As soon as I got to my office an associate walked by. He told me he was going for coffee and invited me to come along. Although I had just stocked up on my noon caffeine fix- I took him up on the invitation. I've learned that something as little as grabbing coffee with an associate can be a big boost in getting to know someone and becoming a welcome part of the office social strata. So now I NEVER pass up any opportunity to make a coffee run with someone.

I'm so glad I went too! During the elevator ride down we (genuinely) chatted about theories of law and legal topics that were of particular interest to us. I let it out that I am a number one fan of UCC Sales and Secured Transactions. The associate told me that his very first case involved sale warranties and that he has had a soft spot for it ever since. I repeated for him a description of my love for all things UCC.

Then associate said something I never expected to hear from anyone but me. He told me about a topic of sales law that he thought was...get this..... "sexy!" He explained to me about how under a construction contract, when the UCC statue of limitations wears out on a product, the general contractor can still be held responsible for defects if he does not disclaim the implied warranties about his work on the project. Then under an equitable estoppel theory, the general contractor can seek indemnification from the product seller or manufacturer. (sexy huh?!).

As soon as this associate used the word "sexy" to describe the legal theory, I knew I had a bes friend for life. Finally, another person who thinks the law is capable of being sexy- and not just "hot suited professional attorney in court" sexy but "nerdy intellectual discussions about legal theories" sexy.

I immediately confessed to this associate my profound and unrequited love for the Economic Loss Doctrine. And the circle was complete. We both returned from our coffee run intellecutally stimulated and hot and bothered. I might even have had tousled, sweaty hair and an unbuttoned blouse from just thinking about it all.


Anonymous said...

This cracks me up :) I love that you love it so much!

idreamofyou said...

I also LOVE the UCC. Art. 9 especially :) People look at me like I'm crazy - glad to know I have a kindred spirit out there!

paragon2pieces said...

nerd alert :)

loved this post btw.

FSD said...

Yawn....(lol) Girl, I didn't take you for the full-blown nerdy law type. This takes having a "passion" for your career to a new level. (no pun intended)

PT-LawMom said...

LOL - awesome. Great that you found a colleague with whom you can share your passion. :)