Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Matter No. Butterfinger

Today I worked closely with an associate on one of my latest assignments. Things have been nice so far this summer in that I have been assigned less research projects and more hands on case management projects. I find that I like being more involved and I like interacting more with the associates. I'm quickly finding my spot in the social circles of the firm and becoming friendly with my co-workers.

Except maybe I got too friendly.

After speaking with a client today, I sent a follow up email to the client and cc'ed the associate on the case. this is the same associate I had been working with for most of the day. The associate promptly responded to remind me that I had referenced the wrong case number in the subject of my email. He wanted to make sure I caught this before I started billing my time on the wrong case. He sympathized with me on how hard it is to remember case numbers. Then we made some funny (lame) jokes about lawyers and numbers not mixing. You know, the jokes you've heard a million times in law school. Except I still think they are funny (because they are soooo true!).

Finally, I suggested that we reference and identify cases by assigning then candy bar names and joked that I would REALLY remember the cases if they were linked to chocolate. I chuckled to myself at how funny I was. And then?

No reply.

Ten minutes later: No reply.

Hour later: No reply.

Dude, the guy completely stopped talking to me for the rest of the day. Even when we almost passed each other in the hall way (he ducked back into his office really quickly as I walked by).

Hey, it wasn't THAT LAME.


Googie Baba said...

Cee, I always think you are so funny. I think candy bars is a great ordering system. Hang in there.

LEO said...

You should make a book out of all your "off the deep end" posts. You're one hilarious girl!

FSD said...

That's hilarious! Has he spoke to you again yet?

idreamofyou said...

I HATE when people kill the e-mail chain. Seriously poor etiquette!